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Flexible eSignature Enabling Business Process Solutions


MiSign specialises in building both neutral add on “Out of the Box”, Customised and or Integrated electronic workflow solutions, that incorporates legal eSignature types, for its customers to “Fast Track” their current business processes that require signatures, to a fully electronic point to point process including workflow. Using a mixture of the latest eMobile technology, web portal, B2B and emerging B2C requirements.

Allowing the customer to maintain their current investment in Desktop and Legacy data Base applications, and to “Soft Migrate ad hoc ” their current documents and forms that require signing either from the desktop or remotely via eMobile.


New Release

MiSign Pro Premium V4.0 is now released, its an API/Black Box version, that picks up a PDF created from a legacy application, eSignature enables the PDF and launches the document in a viewer (inside a browser) for signing, then returns the signed document to the legacy application. In addition there is an option to create a stenographic image of a signors signature for use where a graphic is desired (such as account opening forms etc).

V4.0 is;

  • Browser Neutral.
  • Allows signing by finger on touch screens.
  • Uses REST and JSON technology on a Windows Server Platform.
  • Has multiple eSignature type options, Handwritten Biometric, Handwritten non biometric, Digital Signature, Cert, eSeal, Stenographic Image.
  • Unique x509 certs are allocated to each signor within a document.
  • Multiple signature types can be used on the same document, including combinations with the same signor.
  • Uses JSON profiles for specific document business rules and signor rules.
  • Is both B2B and B2C friendly.
  • Licensing is Concurrent, subscription with unlimited documents, and unlimited signing devices per license.
  • It is PC, Laptop, Win Tablet, IOS and Android friendly.




    “ Just like a Chameleon, MiSign products will adapt to your signing and workflow requirement changes “Ad Hoc”.








  • Sign wherever you are, with whatever device you have at the time, and with the appropriate eSignature type, with the one License Fee.
  • MiSign Suite is a very flexible Neutral add on eSignature Enabling Solution “Out of the Box” it is not a plug in.
  • Create, eSignature Enable, add to Workflow, Sign, Save and Email Copies in one digital business process (STP)
    Regardless whether you use an Attached Signature Pad, Tablet, Interactive Pen Display, Android or iPad, Finger, Pressure Stylus, or combinations, MiSign is capable of “Mixing and Matching” all types on the same document with the same signor or different signor’s.
  • MiSign Emulates existing paper processes digitally.
  • MiSign Suite of eSignature enabling solutions include: Client Server, eMobile Online and Offline, Counter Capture, Web Portal form enabling, and desktop applications.
  • MiSign products are available in a variety of licensing models, that can be tuned to your needs, document, machine, concurrent, SaaS, rental, and these models can be “Mixed and Matched” within the same business.
  • API’s are available for integrators for selected products.
  • Full customisation, integration and other services are available.
  • Select the eSignature Type to eSignature enable your documents, reports and forms from the desktop ad hoc, within the office or remotely, for internal signing or external signing or combinations of both on the same document/form, with a mixture of web portal and eMobile.
  • Our interfaces are “touch screen friendly”


For further product information  Key Products TAB

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We understand that depending on your country laws, document type, signature type, signing device requirements, business unit requirements, you need maximum flexibility and options. When selecting and deploying eSignature enabling technology, and initiating corporate (STP) Straight Through Processing.

Not only now, but as laws and requirements change in the future, your MiSign eSignature Solution will grow with you, without additional expensive engineering changes, and re training.

At MiSign our focus is to deliver quality “Fit for Purpose” eSignature enabling, and automated digital business process solutions, that are cost effective, fast to deploy, and simple to maintain, in addition naturally emulate existing paper processes.

Our signing ceremony is intuitive, natural and acceptable to all ages, regardless of the device used.

As your business requirements change, laws change, signature capture devices change, legacy and desktop applications change, OS changes, your MiSign solution is ready.

Your investment in a MiSign eSignature Enabling Solution, not only has immediate realizable benefits, but also long term financial advantages, regardless of your enterprise size.

Your specific signature capture hardware investment, is also safe with MiSign, as we support multiple signing devices, and you can easily deploy different brands, and “Mix and Match” as desired at any time.

Other Features

  • Depending on your Document legal requirements, PKI, Digital Cert, Handwritten Biometric, Forensic Quality, Chinese eSeal, Japanese Seal, Corporate or Legal Seal.
  • You can select one Signature Type ONLY per signor, or Multiple at the same time; For Example, PKI, with Cert and Corporate Seal.
  • Multiple Signature Type Options, same document, different signor’s, different departments, or country, different document type legal requirements.
  • Multiple Signing device options, same person same document, different people same document, tethered signature pad or mobile.
  • Multiple licensing model options within the same enterprise, Client, Client Server, SAAS, User Log in.
  • Scalable from Single user to Online/Offline Enterprise.
  • Business type neutral, Browser neutral, IE, Firefox, Chrome etc except Apple Safari.
  • Module options, that can be added at any time as your requirements change.
  • Supports additional security 2 factor and Dynamic Signature Verification.
  • eSignatures are “Green”.
  • When you print the look and feel is the same as a paper document.

Flexible Licensing Models that can be customised to your requirements

Licencing is by  user, document or Device, depending on your specific requirements.

One user can use several devices for the one fee.

Agreements are 3 Year Fixed Price, Including Product, Support, Maintenance and Upgrades.

Agreements can be monthly or quarterly payments.

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