Legally Compliant eSignature Business Solutions for regulated industries

MiSign eSignature Solutions understands the nature of your business processes,operationally, as well as what you want your customers to experience as part of the sales and service cycle.

  • We create documents/forms from MsOffice templates, and or fill out forms from databases daily, then follow the same processes.
  • We prepare the documents/forms for signing, distribute for signing, and the signed document are filed, and managed with our life cycle management processes, there is little variance from business type to business type.

MiSign develops “neutral” add on applications, that do not impact on your current investment in desktop and or database technology.

  • Our core applications “emulate” digitally the paper signing process, and electronic distribution via workflow to the signors.
  • We have “out of the box” applications, tight integration, and customisation for our “out of the box” applications options.

Our products meet highly compliance based and government regulated industries, and security related to, the unique needs of legal completion of online agreements, identity, document content digital evidence,  and signing ceremony data encryption, that stays within the document for the lifetime of the document.

Our business operations are more global, more eMobile are more digital, both internally and externally. MiSign eSignature Solutions recognise this business and consumer culture change, and focus on “flexibility” for different operational requirements within the same enterprise, as well as “protecting existing technology investments”.


“We are using and mixing more Connectivity and file acquisition and distribution methods”


“We and our Customers are using and mixing more platforms”



“We are using and mixing more Media and Storage types”


“We are interacting more with different electronic documents, and web portals”

Picture8   Picture11

“We need to mix eSignature types according to the document type and industry signature requirements”


“We have requirements for different methods of signing different documents on different devices”


 “Our business needs more delivery platforms, for our documents to be accessed and signed,

managed by automated workflow and document signor rules, and as “neutral”

to existing legacy data base applications and desktop technology as possible”



MiSign’s core “out of the Box” solutions meet all of the above as standard features, business process, workflow and document type requirements for individual businesses, can be added and managed using “smart XML Profiles’.


Insurance & Finance


Insurance Companies, Banks and Other Financial industries and interacting with their offerings, and electronic documents more than ever before. The adoption of eMobile applications both Online/Offline for field sales representatives with selected fixed terminals in branches, has grown so much that it is now the normal.

Emerging now is B2C web portals, and digital signature with certificates, while some document types will remain as “handwritten signature” mandatory.

While some of these business types can and do build new back ends, the majority stay with what they have, but still want the commercial benefits of digital point to point processing, and the additional benefits that having field sales forces eMobile.

Todays MiSign solutions for Insurance and banking have a long pedigree, as they have evolved since 1998, with our global customers, and while they can be tightly integrated, they are out of the box “neutral” to existing legacy database applications.

And will “fast track” implementation and deployment, at a commercially acceptable cost, allowing our customers to maintain what they have, and at the same time meet tomorrows emerging technology adaption trends.

Internal business processes are also now being automated with digital signature solutions and workflow from Admin desktops.





Retail & Telcos



Completing and digitally signing sales agreements and account opening at point of sale, either from the desktop or on eMobile devices, as well as B2C portals is becoming a “must have” for these business segments.

MiSign has a selection of “out of the box” and dedicated products for “counter capture”, and web portal signing.

The types of digital signatures and level of digital evidence required varies, from document type to business type.


Health & Medical



This market segment is really not much different to the others, the ability to counter capture, and sign documents on eMobile devices, as well as distribute and sign documents internally via admins is the same.

Web portal b2c is also growing in specific segments.

Interaction with drug companies and other medical vendors, where a high degree of security, document content validation, and signor validation where a high degree of compliance is required is a growing digital migration segment.

MiSign has a selection of “out of the box” and dedicated products for this market segment..

The types of digital signatures and level of digital evidence required varies, from document type to business type.

Professional & Small Business




The growth in documents that require signatures in this segment is high, and increasing, as is the acceptance of electronic documents and digital signatures.

The types of digital signatures and level of digital evidence required varies, from document type to business type.