Legally Compliant eSignature Business Solutions for regulated industries

MiSign Solutions understands the nature of your business operationally, as well as what you want your customers to experience as part of the sales and service cycle.

Highly compliance based and government regulated industries, have unique needs in relation to the legal completion of online agreements, and the electronic signing, digital evidence and secure storage of those documents and forms for the lifetime of the documents.

Our eSignature enabling business solutions, considers these compliance related issues and provides a safe, secure and efficient document signing ceremony.

As well as management process to replace traditional approach of printing, signing and copying / faxing applications, consent forms, agreements, contracts and other documents with a wet ink signature.

  • Insurance & Finance

    eSignatures meet the legal requirements for signing insurance applications and policy documentation.

    Find out how insurers have been using digital document management to save millions of dollars each year through improved operational efficiencies.

  • Retail & Telcos

    Completing and signing sales agreements in a digital format, at point of sale, provides a superior customer experience, and more efficient sales process for retail sales staff. Store contracts securely and reduce costs of paper, printing and document management, email agreement ad hoc.

  • Health & Medical

    Achieve better patient and practice outcomes by enabling patients to sign health and medical forms electronically, from fixed locations or from mobile devices. Doctors and practice administrators can sign and file patient records, letters and referrals efficiently and securely, patients can sign documents.

  • Professional & Small Business

    Integrating digital signature capture into your existing work flow, and document management process improves your productivity. See how professionals and small businesses can work more efficiently using electronic document management, and email signed copies ad hoc.