Health & Health & Medical eSignature Business Solutions

Health & Medical eSignature Business Solutions

Electronic signatures on important legal documents in the medical industry, have legal requirements associated with records management for patient care, risk management and insurance liability.

A wide variety of medical forms and documents can be legally signed electronically using MiSign which is safe, secure and legally acceptable.

Medical practices, hospitals and clinics deploying electronic signature capture for patient records, consent forms, referrals, correspondence, and other documents, significantly improve, record update time and retrieval time

MiSign has the flexibility to sign from fixed positions, kiosks and mobile, and documents can be accessed anywhere for signing, including patient beds via mobile trolleys, kiosks and or mobile device.

MiSign also offers flexibility, for both signature type and device type on the same document.

You can mix and match signing device brands and types, from touch screens, fixed pads, mobile devices (including eMobile phones) throughout your business, which provides full flexibility for purchase and change, and department use.

You can mix, match and concurrently use combinations of signature types, on the same or different documents, depending on your requirements for document type and or department.

Available signature types are voice, PKI, eSeal (chinese or Japanese), corporate or department seal, handwritten biometric.

MiSign Suite is not a plug in or SDK. It is a fully featured neutral add on, that is cost effective, and time saving for business units wishing to deploy (STP) Straight Through Processing, in combinations of desktop/counter, kiosk, or eMobile devices.

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We do provide an API for tight integration into existing medical specific applications.

We do provide dedicated eSignature business process design, customisation, engineering, maintenance and support services.

Key Products Are;

* MiSign Pro Premium Server with Online eMobile.

* MiSign Pro Secretarial

* MiSign Medi Pro

* MiSign Trio Offline eMobile

* ISign SignatureOne

* Sign it Acrobat