Insurance & Finance eSignature Business Solutions

Eliminating paper based insurance applications, by deploying (STP) Straight Through Processing, will enable you to deliver efficiencies and reduced operational costs at an individual sales agent level as well as to your bottom line.

The need for paper based print and sign copies, the associated management of new applications, and multiple review processes and approval are eliminated.


Documents are automatically saved and delivered securely, to pre designated recipients and server based storage facilities, ready for fast approval and easy retrieval as required.

Your field agents’ work quality levels, compliance results and overall performances lifts as the sales cycle is shorter, and more efficient, and customers experience higher levels of satisfaction with shorter and more efficient processes in place.

Key benefits;

  • Agents always have current forms
  • Significant travel time savings
  • Faster approval, less cooling off time
  • More even monthly submissions
  • eSignature business process can be tightly integrated into insurance/finance applications
  • MiSign operates online/offline
  • MiSign eMobile does not require replication
  • You can access, review and sign 20+page documents with our eMobile module
  • MiSign is suitable for all documents from 1 page to complex policies
  • Documents can be accessed via eMobile, signed remotely, with signed documents being emailed, at the point of signing

MiSign has the flexibility to sign from fixed positions, kiosks or mobile, and documents can be accessed anywhere for signing.

MiSign also offers flexibility, for both signature type and device type on the same document.

You can mix and match signing device brands and types, from touch screens, fixed pads to mobile devices including smart phones.

You can mix, match and concurrently use combinations of signature types, on the same or different documents, depending on your requirements for document type and agency country.

Available signature types are voice, PKI, eSeal (chinese or Japanese), corporate or department seal, and handwritten biometric.

MiSign Suite in not a plug in or SDK, it is a fully featured neutral add on, that is cost effective, and time saving for business units wishing to deploy (STP) Straight Through Processing, in combinations of desktop/Counter, Kiosk, or eMobile devices.

We do provide an API for tight integration into existing applications.

We do provide dedicated eSignature business process design, customisation, engineering, maintenance and support services.

MiSign has been designing, developing, deploying and managing Insurance and Finance solutions Globally since 1998.

Key Products are;

* MiSign Pro Premium Server with Online eMobile.

* iSign SignatureOne

* MiSign Trio Offline eMobile

* Sign it Acrobat