Launch of MiSign Enterprise & MiSign Pro E-Signature Software

eCom Group Pte Ltd is pleased to announce the launch of the it’s new range of digital signature software products, MiSign Enterprise and MiSign Professional.

“Providing anywhere/anytime/anyway eSignature solution, MiSign enables a document, regardless of how created, to be digitally signature enabled simply and effectively. MiSign delivers as solution which is both highly flexible and customisable to enable customers to utilise the software to operate seamlessly into any specific work flow process, while maintaining the highest level of compliance and security.”

“MiSign overcomes the challenges often associated with changes to standard office related software applications. As a stand-alone independent application utilising HTML and PDF standards documents generated in any 3rd party application can be quickly and effectively eSignature enabled.” Commented Michael Ryan, Managing Director.

MiSign Enterprise and MiSign Professional offer a digital signature solution which offers:

  1. A document created using any office related software product to be simply and efficiently e-signature enabled;
  2. Seamless integration of the solution into 3rd party work flow document management systems;
  3. Ability to choose between a handwritten (biometric), voice, click or e-seal digital signature;
  4. Signature capture device support for tablets (iPad, Android, Fujitsu), smartphone (iPhone, Android), touch screen computer (Samsung Slade) and digital pads (Wacom);
  5. Document security and forensic data to ensure the compliance with all international and finance industry compliance requirements.

Launch customers, Prudential Insurance Singapore and Vita Group (Australia) have already successfully utilised the new software to integrate into their existing systems.

Within the coming weeks, a version of the MiSign software suite will be available through for download and purchase.

Along with the MiSign applications, eCom will continue to support and promote other eSignature related products to enable it to deliver the best and most suitable solution to our customers.